NEW U- ANY class we offer!



AERIAL "TAKE FLIGHT"- An aerial class that adding in more flow, flight & trust!

AERIAL YOGA 1- This is a fun class that will take your yoga flexibility & relaxation to new heights.

AERIAL YOGA 2- This is a fun class that will take your yoga flexibility & relaxation to new heights like Aerial Yoga 1 plus more advanced tricks.

AERIAL RESTORATIVE- Slow, relaxing, restorative aerial yoga.



HOT VINYASA- *Heated ideally to 95 degrees.  Hot Vinyasa is an awesome way to flow yoga poses in a way that feels good!  By adding in heat to your practice you are challenged more mentally & physically.  Combining a strong intention throughout your practice.  Sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated & ready to conquer life!

WARM VINYASA FLOW- A Vinyasa Yoga class...arranging a flow of poses in a special way.  Incorporating a strong intention throughout class.  Adding in alittle heat to about 80-85 degrees.

POWER ROOTS- *Heated Beginner Friendly Power Yoga.

POWER YOGA-*Heated Power yoga is a style of yoga based more on form.  This is a great practice to start your yoga path...learning "proper" alignment can help prevent injury.  This is also a very challenging practice as it incorporates HEAT & often inversions.

POWER VINYASA-*Heated, A NEW U creation.  A unique mix of Power & Vinyasa yoga.  Incorporating inversions & feeling through poses as you flow!  Come find your POWER w/ breath & movement!

SLOW FLOW-Warm, Slow Flow Yoga!  Beginner friendly, slower paced vinyasa flow yoga.

ASHTANGA- Ashtanga Yoga & Meditaion....can't think of a better way to spend an hour on U with U...aww!  SLOWDOWN & BREATH through yoga poses.  

YIN- Warm 72-82 degrees.  Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time.  Focused on seated, supine or prone poses.

MEDITATION:  Quiet space to just sit & breath.  Often where the journey through you, to you, happens.  Sometimes guides.

Other yoga~

FAMILY YOGA- Age 0-adultNo expectations just time for us all to be on our mat!  VERY BEGINNER FRIENDLY (Any Age Welcome)

KIDS YOGA- Age 4-12Flow through poses & begin to learn more about mind/body connection w/ breath.

MOMMY&ME YOGA- Age 0-4 & parent.  Come connect & have fun with your little one, as well as, get a workout in & leave feeling like a REFREASHED parent/caretaker.


HARD Core U:

HARD Core NAMASTE-High.Aerobic.Resistance.Drills, Core work, Yoga Poses all in a HEATED space.  This class is an awesome bridge into the yoga world for those that like a more intense workout gaining the benefits of yoga.  Come find your inner BADASS SELF!

TRX YOGA-Looking to a NEW way to up your basic yoga practice?  This is definitely a great option to add to your class list!  Increases flexibility & most definitely STRENGTH!!!

TRX WARRIOR-Where traditional TRX & CARDIO Bursts meet Yoga Intention.  Sure to leaving you feeling strong, happy & ready to tackle the world.

ROOTED PILATES-The perfect mix of yoga intention & relaxation w/ rooting down mat Pilates core work.  For when you have a strong core, you are a stronger U.

WALL BARRE- WALL BARRE...why not?  Who needs a barre?  Take your Core, Cardio & Overall Body Strength & Flexibility to NEW heights w/ this class!