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INVERSION WORKSHOP w/ Nathaniel Roberson

Nathaniel Roberson started his teaching career in the Korean Martial Art, Tae Kwon Do.  Reaching 3rd degree black belt, and teaching to hundreds of local adults and children in the Des Moines Metro Area.  In 2013, in a referral from a friend, he took a yoga class at Power Life Yoga.  After a year of practice, he took the plunge into teacher training.  Receiving both Yoga Sculpt and the 200/hour Yoga Alliance certification.  Shortly after receiving his Yoga credentials, he moved out to San Diego.  Over the past three years he has taught for multiple studios around San Diego, and currently teaches Yoga (and Cirque style strength program) at Fit Athletic.  Nathaniel has also led over a dozen workshops focusing on Arm Balancing and Inversions.  Nathaniel believes Yoga is a great tool to build the physical body, which can also coincide with a stronger mind.  His classes mix a bit of all his backgrounds in fitness, Yoga, Martial Arts, and Strength Training.  Each class ends with a practice of mindfulness to help settle the mind after each practice.  For fun Nathaniel likes to golf, explore California, and chill out with Netflix 

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